Pops&Co uses a product recommendation quiz to create an inspired customer experience.

Pops&Co is a local retailer dedicated to providing specialized products for children. Customer satisfaction is one of their core values, so they wanted to deliver an online customer experience that their shoppers would love.

Pops&Co uses a product recommendation quiz to create an inspired customer experience.

What are the challenges faced?

Like other specialized retailers, Pops&Co's mission goes beyond just selling a product. Indeed, they aim to be a reference for the many experiences that come with early childhood.

As they offer different varieties of products such as apparel, furniture, childcare, and, of course, toys, it was clear that they needed a solution that would help customers with their product discovery experience.

This brand truly understands how overwhelming it can be for online visitors to find the right product they are looking for, especially when shopping for someone else. Their main challenge was:

  • Increasing the visibility of their toy category
  • Inspiring customers to discover the variety of toys they offer while teaching them how each product can develop different skills in children.

How we handle it?

By utilizing Discoverfy's platform, Pops&Co was able to quickly build and launch a Product Recommendation Quiz. This enabled them to provide personalized recommendations based on children's age, skill type, and price range. 

Taking advantage of the peak toy-buying season due to the Christmas spirit, the brand also promoted the quiz through social media ads.

By collecting visitors' preferences and gauging their intention through the quiz, the brand lifted their customer engagement, since this tool worked out as a handy and on-time experience that suggested the accurate gift options customers were looking for.

What we got

In just two weeks Pops&Co improved the customer experience with their gift finder. Reviewing the case we have founded:

  • It drove significant uplifts in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), as they achieved one of their most successful campaigns with a higher engagement rate.
  • They obtained a boost in the Conversion Rate with the engaged users who completed the quiz, resulting from the personalization element.