How Motocard lifted their customer engagement through guided product discovery

Motocard, an European leader in the distribution of motorcycle gear, was looking for different ways to help shoppers find the right product across their catalog of more than 3000 SKUs.

How Motocard lifted their customer engagement through guided product discovery

What are the challenges faced?

Motocard was looking for a way to reduce the friction in product discovery on its website caused by an extensive product catalog, especially in the helmets category. 

Given the various technical features of the product, it was difficult for new customers to understand which type best suited their needs. This fan-of-speed brand needed a step-ahead solution that would: 

  • Provide a conversational and simple paths for product discovery
  • Make personalized, relevant, and context-sensitive product recommendations

How we handle it?

With Motocard we carried a product recommendation quiz on their app and website, with which users obtained a consultative shopping experience that guided them on their helmet search. 

Bear in mind customers’ riding style, aesthetics preferences and their purchasing power it was possible to create a quiz that could collect zero-party data and get to know them, while offering a product recommendation based on their needs.

What we got

Motocard's Helmets Recommender reached out a powerful effect on customer engagement, a bold result taking into account: 

  • A 94% quiz completion rate
  • An increase in CTR (Click Through Rate) on the outcome page, due to the personalized recommendations.

Actually, the positive impact of the campaign motivated the marketing team to build another quiz not only for the Spanish market, but also to be available for France, Italy, UK, Portugal and Germany.