How Motocard Boosted Discount Code Usage with a Discovery Solution

The European leader of motorcycle gear aims to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. To achieve this, Motocard explored innovative methods to generate interest and incentivize customer purchases.

How Motocard Boosted Discount Code Usage with a Discovery Solution

What are the challenges faced?

Customer retention is crucial for e-commerce businesses as it helps to reduce customer acquisition costs, and Motocard is aware of that. 

By offering personalized promotions, exclusive discounts, and creating a unique shopping experience during special occasions, Motocard's goal was to strengthen its relationship with its customers, leading to repeat purchases, and increased customer lifetime value.

Consequently, they were looking for a different approach to offer discount codes, and a customer retention strategy for special dates such as Valentine's Day as it provides an opportunity to engage with existing customers and increase their loyalty.

How we handle it?

We developed a swiper gamified experience for Motocard Valentine’s Day campaign. Online visitors were able to play a “This or That” game, in which they had to classify a set of products between two of the main categories of the brand. Once completed, regardless of whether they get it right or not, they obtain a discount coupon.

Gamified experiences can create a sense of achievement, encouraging customers to return to the online store and participate in new activities. In the same way, it also increases customer loyalty as they feel more invested in Motocard's community.

What we got

Following the implementation of this campaign, we noticed a considerables insights with our Discoverfy’s experience, even though it was only published for a week.

  • We found that the discount code offered at the end of the swiper experience was utilized more frequently than through other marketing practices on Motocard’s web.
  • We got 60% of users engaged, this not only indicates the success of our tool, but also highlights the effectiveness of providing fun and valuable incentives to customers.

Overall, the success of this campaign showcases how the implementation of gamified experiences can effectively drive sales and improve customer engagement during special occasions such as Valentine's Day.