How Lidl Spain polish up their product discoverability with a creative customer journey

As part of their digital innovation strategy to enhance customer satisfaction, the Spanish team of the international discount retailer Lidl was seeking a leading approach that would make it easier to explore its extensive online inventory.

How Lidl Spain polish up their product discoverability with a creative customer journey

What are the challenges faced?

Even though Lidl is known for offering high-quality grocery products, their catalog is more than just food. Everyweek they offer a new variety of products from household items, apparel, DIY tools and more.

With so many options to choose from, their customers are used to searching for any kind of low-priced offers. But, due to the ever-changing nature of these seasonal items, it became a tiresome task to keep up to date with all the new arrivals.

That’s why when the Christmas season started, Lidl wanted to find a solution that would improve the onsite customer experience and let them: 

  • Help users find the perfect toy based on their preferences and needs
  • Avoid leaving consumers on their own to browse through every possible option in the inventory. 

How we handle it?

To make the discovery process simple and deliver a relevant experience to their consumers, Lidl Spain leveraged Discoverfy’s platform to build a Product Recommendation Quiz, which was strategically located to help visitors uncover all the new toys offered on the Christmas season.

By embedding their Gift Finder prominently on their website, consumers can save time and receive personalized product recommendations based on their preferences owing to an engaging quiz that complements their customer journey.

What we got

Lidl’s on-site Product Recommendation Quiz not only personalize the customer’s path to purchase, but also yielded the below results:

  • A higher quiz completion rate, in which more than 90% of users who started their quiz completed it.
  • As a result of delivering a highly engaging, personalized shopping experience to consumers, Lidl’s Gift Finder encouraged more than 50% of engaged users to clicked through to shop their recommended products from the quiz.