Eurekakids boosts email list growth with a gamified experience

Eurekakids, a company specialized in the distribution of educational games and toys, was determined to create an ingenious and enjoyable eCommerce experience that would help shoppers discover the most relevant products.

Eurekakids boosts email list growth with a gamified experience

What are the challenges faced?

Eurekakids aims to help children boost their imagination and improve their skills. As they aknowledgemnet their main shoppers are grown-up users, they needed a solution to enhance the discoverability of their best-seller among its massive inventory.

The main challenge was how to increase the visibility of their most popular products and inspiring customers to discover different kinds of toys across multiple categories. Keeping that in mind, they were looking to give new users: 

  •  A lightning way to explore their best-seller without having to scroll through endless pages.
  • A different, visual, and entertaining shopping experience

How we handle it?

Discoverfy’s Swiper Module captivates users attention, which makes them stay on site for longer, encourages them to return and eventually, lead conversion. Therefore, we decided to display their best-sellers on a swiper, which was implemented on their homepage in a pop-up.

The intuitive functionality of the swiper lets users browse above a lot of products, discarding some of them and saving the ones they were interested in, users were able to discover more products in less time.

Certainly, to leverage the swiper involving experience Eurekakid decided to offer a discount code in exchange for the users’ email address.

What we got

The interactive and gamified nature of the swiper highlights a significantly higher activity on the part of customers. Eurekakids was able to achieve: 

  • An unexpected increment in lead generation
  • Collected data based on the interactions made.